Our conveyor belt are quality products with an extremely high degree of reliability. It is meeting all the requirement in most industrial activities, and the wide ranges of operating condition.We have developed high abrasion fabric conveyor belt, & steel cord conveyor belt. Specially about our heating resistant conveyor belt, it could carry hot materials with max 400°C temperature for a longer life.

Conveyor rollers are an essential part of material handling in different industries. for both heavy and light industries.
Kevin Industry manufactures standard and customized models of rollers for both heavy and light industries.
Our conveyor roller are long-life and functional for safe material handing at all levels.

EP Conveyor Belt Feature: the carcass is EP fabric. With the benefit that light in weight, high modulus, impact resistant, Low loading extension rate, Easy to trough and track, good flexibility , Anti- heat and humidity and also avoid insect destroy.
conveyor belt Market: Aggregate, Baggage Handling, Bulk Handing, Cement, Coal, Foundry, Grain, Hard Rock, Package Handling, Wood Products, Sand and Gravel, Steel Products.